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bboyd's Journal

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Billy Boyd fans
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A fan community for Billy Boyd
This is an open community for fans of the Scottish actor, Billy Boyd. Please feel free to share Billy related events, information and pictures with this community.

Discussion of Billy and his roles is encouraged but rumor, gossip or flaming of Billy, his friends, family or anyone else important in his life will not be tolerated here and will be removed. Continued occurences of any of the above behavior by any user(s) will result in being banned from this community.

There are a few rules to follow to ensure member happiness and accord.

1) All entries over 100 words must be behind a cut. If your entry is over 100 words and not cut, you will be warned with a comment. If you do not cut your entry, it will be removed.

2) All images and graphics are to be placed behind a cut. If you post a graphic or picture that is not behind a cut, you will be warned with a comment. If the entry is not edited, it will be removed.

3) Fic is no longer allowed to be posted in this community. Any fic posted here as of 21 December 2007 will be removed.

4) Please do not post here about Beecake unless it is specifically Billy-centric. There are wonderful Beecake specific communities available and it is recommended that all Beecake specific content be posted there. Please feel free to visit these Beecake communities:


5) Do not flame fellow fans here. This will result in removal from the comm.

6) Please do not link to friends-locked posts. If you have seen something that you would like to share with the comm from an f-locked journal, please ask the original poster for permission to repost the information/pictures/whatever and repost to the comm.

7) As far as bboyd is aware, Billy Boyd officially supports or endorses the following charities: the Scottish Youth Theater, the Epilepsy Connection of Glasgow and the University of Glasgow Small Animal Hospital.

These rules are posted at the discretion of the moderator of this community and are subject to revision as seen fit.

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